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Microsoft Nigeria Vacancy for an Account Technology Strategist

Microsoft Nigeria Vacancy for an Account Technology Strategist
Job Title: ATS - Account Technology Strategist
Location: Abuja, NG

Job Category: Sales
Location: Abuja, NG
Job ID: 770431-64411
Division: Sales

The Account Technology Strategist (ATS) is part of the Microsoft Technical Sales Profession, aimed to:

‘Enable the Business & IT goals of our Customers, by delivering Business value with the Microsoft Platform, thus securing long-term Sustainable Growth for Microsoft!’

How does the ATS role add value?
The ATS is an Customer aligned Relationship Resource with the following Core Responsibilities:

1. Gather a 360° Customer Insight profile, incl. IO, IT and Application Platform, and the Partner and Competitive landscape.
2. Initiate Growth by Competitive Displacement, by building a qualified competitive pipeline, initiating Capability Led (IO) Conversations, supporting Application Platform (BGA/AGA) Engagements, and leveraging the Microsoft Account Planning process.
3. Drive Realized Platform Value, by driving a Deployment and Adoption Strategy, and orchestrating Resources from the STU (SSP/TSP), Microsoft Services and Partners for Execution.
4. Build Trusted Technology Relationships with the TDM, in particular with the CIO, CSO, CTO and their direct reports.

The ATS has 3 distinct sales motions:

1. Deployment: The ATS owns the Deployment Strategy, and drives a customer validated Deployment Plan, supported by STU, Microsoft Services and Partners.
2. Capability Led Selling (IO): The ATS initiates the IO Conversation (leveraging IO Discovery) as a Trusted Technology Relation to the TDM (in particular the CIO, CSO and CTO), and supports STU resources (SSP/TSP) in driving competitive opportunities.
3. Application Platform Selling (APO): The ATS supports Application Platform BGA and AGA engagements, owned and orchestrated by AM and SSP Platform.

How is the ATS role unique from other roles?

The ATS role is unique in:
a. Its focus on Long-term Sustainable Growth.
b. Its ability to qualify and initiate competitive opportunities and work with Microsoft and/or Partner resources to grow the Microsoft Infrastructure and Application Platform.
c. Its ability to build long-term Trusted Technology Relationships, and have solid and meaningful strategic Technology conversations.
d. Its broad knowledge of the entire Microsoft Enterprise Platform, and the ability to map IT to the Customer Business needs and priorities.
e. Its in-depth knowledge of Customers’ IT environments.
The ATS is responsible to build a trusted relationship with customers, realize Platform Value resulting in long-term sustainable growth. Key driver is to make sure customers deploy and adopt the Microsoft Platform and get true Business Value.
The ATS is a relationship resource aligned with local and/or global customers.
The impact an individual ATS has is limited to the customers that the ATS is assigned to and as the ATS is a long-term resource, tenure in role and assigned customers is advised.
On a WW scale the WW ATS community is a key resource (like no other role within Microsoft) to secure a long-term sustainable business for Microsoft!
As a relationship resource the ATS should aspire to be seen by the customer as a trusted advisor; building credibility by driving IO maturity conversations, IT roadmap strategies and relevant mapping to existing (sometimes competitive) IT infrastructure , business needs, priorities and strategies

  • 3-5 years of related experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Sales and Partner management, complex sales training (i.e. Miller Hyman, Spin, Michael Bosworth, Holden, etc.), sales methodologies (equivalent to MSSP),
  • Broad evangelism through events (presentation skills),
  • Effective marketing tactics, CRM (Siebel or other).
  • Technical sales or consulting position within an IT consulting or Services company such as Cisco, Accenture, IBM Global Services, HP, Cap Gemini or equivalent.
  • Technical sales or consulting position in a competing Software Company, particularly IBM or Oracle.
  • CIO or IT Ops position in a medium to large Company.
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